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So excited I got to meet the girls from! My Booth Buddy neighbor, Jon Lewis, who saved my life on several occasions! Love it. My amazing friend, Aleks, who came out to help! She always yells at me 'to keep me grounded' hahaha. Fun people. From Disney's short film: Paperman! Such a cute idea. In between the two coolest twins! Two very awesome, sweet girls. I wish I remembered names. Loved this Doctor Who costume twist.

MegaCon went at least 38024370924 times better than I could have ever hoped for.

I met the NICEST, most amazing, hilarious, and creative people.

I also got to finally meet the girls from (love them and their blog), as well as a lot of Frogman's tumblr friends (woo!), and Wil Wheaton (that was the cherry on top of an amazing weekend). 

A bunch of my friends came to my rescue to help things go as smoothly as possible. So I want to give a special thanks to my cousin Athena, my coworker and sick artist, Ruperto (<— check out his art blog), my friends Lindsey, Megan, and Aleks who can tell when I’m lying when I say “It’s okay, I don’t need help,” haha, Jon Lewis from Jon Lewis Draws Things, and last but not least, Allison who got me drawing again and pushed me to do it all in the first place. 

Also, thank you to everyone I met and talked to and to those who went out of their way to find me on Tumblr and Facebook! If I could hug you all at once, I would.


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