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Using the “I like you a lottle” drawing from Kicking Cones I was able to make my Boyfriend a black and white blanket for Christmas! I changed the wording just a bit by saying, “I love you a lottle. It’s like a little, except a lot.” I also added three red hearts above the penguins to tie in the red to the red wrap that holds the blanket closed.  Many thanks to Kicking Cones’ Katrina for giving me permission to use her art! 

This is adorable!! ^_^

And to clarify because I’ve had many questions about using my art, I do not mind one bit if you use it for personal use, or print it out, or give a drawing to make someone happy. If you make something neat, all I ask in that case is for you to please share your creation with me purely out of selfishness :)

What upsets me is when people steal my drawings and words/claim them as their own/”copyright” them, and/or sell my stuff for profit ::COUGH COUGH:: ::COUGH::

My main goal in art is to make people happy. That’s what I do it for. And unless you are an asshole about it, I hope you find joy in using it in whichever way you please!

Hello Hello ... I love your drawings they are super cute ... It is probably somewhat cliche but can you please do some winnie the pooh penguins ??? Thanks ...

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I am so far behind on life, BUT HOW could I forget about Winnie The Pooh Penguin?!?! I must bump this up on my to-do list to sometime around….now. Welp, there goes my hand. Looks like I’m drawing it right now. Thanks for the push, Anonymous :)

Or should I say, Poohsh?

I’ve been MIA this month going crazy with life things, but I just wanted to take the time to say thank you for making 2013 such an unbelievable year for Kicking Cones

All your support and hilarious, wonderful, thoughtful messages mean more to me than I can put into words. But, as always, I will try anyways:


That being said, do what you love to do. Don’t settle for anything.

I love you all. Except for like three of you :) -Katrina

I’m a virtual hoarder. If all the files on my computer turned real, I wouldn’t be able to walk into my house. There would be stray cats living underneath stacks and stacks of folders full of every stupid thing I liked since the 3rd grade. Including a jpeg of Scary Spice clawing at the world that I saved just in case.