Kicking Cones

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Sorry my feed has been slow this month!

These are the reasons:

  • I moved
  • I think I’m a hoarder with art things
  • Things are everywhere
  • So many papers and supplies all over the floor
  • Where the hell did all of this stuff come from?
  • I work full-time not drawing :(
  • Some giant piece of poop is stealing my artwork and selling it all over the Internets…and…drum-roll…they cease and desisted me…soooo haha, I’m dealing with a bunch of copyright and trademark issues in my spare time (I don’t law)
  • I watched Luther instead of unpacking (thanks Allison)
  • I’m organizing my house to turn it into a giant art studio/shop
  • I’m setting the final groundwork for opening my online shop
  • I am working on a fun, new thing with Frogman
  • I spent three hours drawing a pencil yesterday

It is all coming together slowly and surely, and once I get back to the drawing board, I will annoy you all with so many posts that you will want to stop tumblring, and you will switch to myspace again.

Ps. ALSO YAY FOR BEING ON THE TUMBLR RADAR!!! That was super exciting, and thank you so much to everyone who found me, and everyone who has been there all along. I didn’t have internet at the time, but I was so very grateful. I even teared up a bit. Okay, too much info. BYE!

-Katrina :)


My bestest friend in the whole wide world has an artist booth at MegaCon in Orlando, Florida. Katrina will be selling prints and other fun stuff all weekend. Please go visit her if you can.


If you buy something and mention my name, Katrina will reveal an embarrassing secret about me. 

You can still purchase tickets at the convention, starting on Friday, March 21st at 12:00 PM EST in South Hall B of the Orange County Convention Center.

Hahahahahaha….the only thing better than this would be Frogman’s royal presence at the con. Who needs the whole cast of the Walking Dead when you’ve got the Internet King?!?

But seriously, Froggie, you’re the bestest friend and I love you times a million and thank you to everyone—those who have stopped by, those who will stop by, those who have helped me at the show, those who have shamelessly promoted me!…..And as for those who will look at my booth, not smile, and just walk by, go exterminate yourself. :) just kidding. Kinda. 


How do you do your art work? It's so amazing!

Asked by

^_^ Thanks so much! The recipe is as follows:

Jotting down ideas as they come, Photoshop, a Wacom Pen Tablet, lots of sketching, transferring the sketches to the computer, cleaning and fine-tuning the outlines, coloring them in on different layers, having my art friend critique my stuff, fixing it a million times, and then ta-da! 10 hours later and no social life: a penguin!